Working Principle of Induction Heating

Induction heating is a method of heating processes which is extensively used in industries as well as in household induction cooktops too. It offers much significance over other traditional methods and hence induction heating is widely used in various areas where heating is desired.

Induction heating works on the principles of heat produced by an electric current which itself is induced by electromagnetic induction. Whatever the equipment is, if we go to the root and have to determine the basic principles of an induction heater, then this same applies to all equipment that we see today which specializes in induction heating.

To describe the working principle of an induction heating process we need to know two basic factors of induction heating.

The first is an electromagnet. An electromagnet is an electrical conductor which produces an electromagnet field when electric current flows through it. This magnetic field stays as long as the electric current is passing through it. If you switched off the electric current, then the magnetic field also causes to exist.

The second factor is known as an electronic oscillator which is nothing but an electric circuit which produces a periodic electric signal.

This oscillator will pass AC or alternating current through the electromagnet. Since the electric current is an AC current, it will produce a rapidly alternating magnetic field. This magnetic field, which is alternating rapidly, will induce a current known as eddy current. This eddy current, when passes through the object, due to the resistance of the conductor, heat starts to generate. And this is heat is what we knew as induction heating.

It is basically the eddy currents which are induced via the electromagnet while flowing through the conductor, produces heat. Depending upon the frequency, the properties for this heat changes with low frequency the penetration of the heat increases and vice versa.


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