Uses of Induction Heating

Induction heating is used extensively in various fields. From our very own kitchen where we have induction cooktops, it can also be used in metal industry to heat even molten irons. This property of induction heating has made it as a convenient way if heating objects from household to even industry level.

To start with, induction heating is used in the kitchen while applying induction cooktops. It is a very safe way of cooking which also speeds up the cooking. With the different level of heating that can be applied, induction cooktops are much better and safer cooking option which also makes it convenient itself to cook the food faster. In induction cooktops, an induction coil heats the iron base by electromagnetic induction and heat is generated through the eddy currents which are induced as a result of it.

The furnace is induction heating at an industry level. The heat generated through it is very high and hence it is used in melting metals. Excluding this purpose, the induction heating could also be used in storing the molten metal. Since induction heating doesn’t need the object to be in contact, it can also be used in vacuum or in absence of air. The metals that could be molten through an induction heating furnace include iron, copper, aluminum etc.

Induction heating is also used in sealing. For example, it can be used in sealing the cap of various containers used in production level such medicines or else. An aluminum foil is used for the sealing purpose and then induction heating is applied to fuse the aluminum foil with the container.

Induction heating is also used in making bearings fit into the system. Prior to fit, induction heat is applied to it so that it does expand and fits into the system perfectly.

Thus induction heating is used in various sectors from kitchen to industry level production.

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