Is Induction Heating Safe?

The induction heating is used in industry extensively due to the advantages that it provides. Not only in industries but at kitchen too, induction is heating to cook foods. While it is indeed a heat producing system, unlike other traditional systems, it can be said that it is safe in nature. But to be safe, as with all systems, some precautions need to be done. Be a without precautions, even induction system could cause injuries but it is more due to the negligence of the user rather than the system itself because the system itself can be said relatively safe.

Since in induction heating, the object doesn’t come in contact with the source directly and heat is generated only via induction, hence it makes it safer than other traditional methods of heating such as flames etc. For example, in induction cooktops, even if you switched on and touch the base, there won’t be any heat as conduction is low.

But there are few things to consider here. The induction coil has a range. Especially in the industries where large coils are used for generating a greater amount of heat, it has a much larger range which is protected by the equipment by a protective coat. If the protection is at compromise state, then any metal in that range could also be heated in the process.

For example, if someone is wearing a metallic ring, and is working with induction heating equipment, then the metal ring also could get heated as it falls under the range of the coil also and induction of heat will take place there which could result in burns.

That is why, while working with induction heating equipment, it is advisable to not to wear any metallic rings or chains as it could lead to burns.

Hence, if some instructions are carried out, induction heating is the safest heating method.

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