Induction Heating Applications in the Metal Industry

Induction heating is used extensively in the industries. Due to its convenience, induction heating has replaced the traditional methods of heating as induction heat is easier to control, more efficient and can produce a high amount of heat in a matter of seconds whilst the old heating methods were time-consuming and also was inefficient.

Since induction heating is an efficient process it is widely used in furnace, welding, hardening, melting etc. In each of these processes, induction heating takes a significant role and offers much variety than flames or radiant heating with much higher efficiency.

  1. Furnace – A furnace uses induction heat to melt metal at its melting point. Once the metal is melted, the high-frequency magnetic field can also be used to stir the hot metal. Since it is heated by induction and no direct contact takes place, it is free from contamination that, that could happen in other heat methods. Also, induction heating could take place in vacuum or container in which there is no air. Hence induction heating could be used for heating metals which are impossible to heat via other methods without any type of oxidation.
  2. Welding – Welding is another industry where induction heating is used extensively. It is a small scale production but an important one. Via induction heating welding is achieved by providing a high amount of heat.
  3. Sealing – Induction heating is also used in sealing industry. Such as in sealing of caps, induction heat is used. An aluminum foil is placed over the jar opening and then induction heat is applied by which capping or sealing is done.
  4. Heating to fit – Sometimes, some objects are heated via induction heating so that it extends and can fit in the system perfectly. For example, bearings are fitted in this manner.

Thus induction heating is used in various metal industries.

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