How Efficient Is Induction Heating?

Induction heating is preferred over the other methods of heating because it provides much convenience over the other methods. But even if we exclude the purpose of convenience, induction heating has higher efficiency than every other traditional heating method. That’s why it is highly used in industrial factories where efficiency factor could make a great difference. Not to mention, it minimizes the requirements of fossil fuel in terms of production of heat as in induction heating, the heat is produced through electromagnetic induction.

The wastage of heat energy was always an important factor in production. No practical system could be 100% efficient in converting energy. While the energy is transformed from one form to another, there’s always a loss of energy. Hence, it should be mentioned beforehand regardless whatever the system in concern us, be it induction heating or gas heating or radiant heating, there will be some amount of energy which will be wasted. And since no perfect system exists, this amount of energy waste will be there always. Hence focus should be on how to minimize this loss of energy if it cannot be minimized to zero percent.

According to a study based on 1998, it has been seen that induction heating is at 84% efficiency while the gas heating is at 40% and intermediate position is occupied by radiant energy which stands at 71%. Excluding that, there’s furthermore study which shows that the ratio of input power to output power is highest in induction heating and lowest in gas heating.

It simply means the amount of energy you have provided to the systems, an induction heating system will convert most to the output power as the loss of energy is less in the case of induction heating. While gas heating has a lower ratio as the loss of energy is high.

Hence induction heating is efficient in nature with low wastage of energy.

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