Disadvantage of Induction Heating

Induction heating is used in various fields due to the convenience it gives over other traditional methods. But having said that, there are also aspects which could be seen as disadvantages of induction heating as it can be ranged from the price of the equipment to complexity of the process but, sometimes, induction heating doesn’t give as convenience as one would have hoped and many integral components give contributions to this limitation of induction heating.

To start with, induction heating systems could be very costly. For example, let’s look into the induction cooktops. These cooktops are costlier than gas burner and people with a limited budget could face difficulty in buying induction cooktops. There many countries where induction cooktops is still a luxury because of how costly they are.

Not only the cooktops but the container that you need to use in induction cooking also isn’t cheap. Along with the cooktops, you’ll also need to buy additional utensils to cook which is suitable for the induction cooktops. These utensils are very costly too and it will add up to the budget from which you already spent in the induction cooktops.

Induction heating, in general, is a very complex system and on an industry level, it gets even more complicated as the frequencies that are needed becomes more and more specific. Since it is a very complex system, if something goes wrong, it is also a bit harder to detect. Unless a professional look into which knows the system inside and out, it will be very difficult to predict where the issue is.

Also, there can be need of minute little details in production. In this case, induction heating may not be a suitable choice and traditional flames may work better than induction heating.

But even after having all these disadvantages, induction heating is growing popularity as advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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